Glenn Beck: "This is for America. This is for NATO. This is for Bush."

But – no images?

I don’t much like quoting directly from a story in the first line – so I won’t in this case either. But, as you will see – Glenn, in his wisdom, has either bought into the propaganda or is spewing it for the sake of spewing it.

Look – the simple thing is the neo and simply ordinary conservatives in the US hate Russia. They still believe that Russia is the USSR, which it isn’t. We have to look further – which we will, and that Russia is now a powerhouse in the energy field and Russia is rich, very, very, rich!

Russia does not want war with NATO, she does not want war with the USA she may, or her leaders may, dislike Bush with a passion, but who can blame her for that?

A simple, very concise history is this: USSR lost the Cold war (was outspent by the USA, Reaganomics), Russia emerged from the devastation of the fall out that was, began to develop her own resources and started to sell a lot of oil and gas (cheaply) – when this proved to be worth it she increased prices and made a ton of cash. Began to spend it on the infrastructure and, of course, armaments.

She was accepted back into the world community and the USA and Russia started to work together – until Bush decided (someone else who we know and hate) even to the point of doing military exercises together which were called off – by Bush. Russia grew and grew – the former soviet states took on a more western stance and we have what we have today.

Now, before I carry on – I must say that I don’t think Russia in anyway is perfect – far, far from it. She could, if she wanted to, spend much more of the cash on the people rather than arms – but, as our dear Glenn correctly points out – learned from the end of the cold war and would not let that happen again.

But he wasn’t the only one watching and learning. Russia learned as well, and they now appear to be doing the same things that we did to them back in the ’80’s. Unless we wise up, we risk seeing the same result. We taught them this game. We can’t allow it to be used against us.

What Glenn forgets:- Russia is cash rich! The US, because of Bush policies, isn’t and won’t be for a very long time. McCain will carry on Bush policy and will take the US further into debt – Chinese debt – begin to see a picture forming?

You can sit on the side and rattle a rusty sword all day – but no one will take notice. As I said yesterday, Georgia started this so they have to negotiate with Russia to stop it. The US cannot be the worlds police – so many nations now know how expanded the US is with troops on the ground. Those nations are watching Iraq, Afghanistan and other hot-spots. And they know the US and her people do not want a fight, certainly not a fight over something that one of her allies started deliberately.

Blustering how good the US and her founding fathers are, Glenn, will not change one persons mind, it will puff the chest out on the die-hard patriot who still believes the US is the be-all-end-all only way to live and govern. It will scare those already scared in the US and the world in case this conflict escalates, and that includes me.

Russia doesn’t want war – it never has! But can you imagine this scenario?

Mexico or Canada starts to send bombs over the border into areas that are full of Canadians or Mexicans with American peacekeepers killing them because they are there? What would the USA do?

I know the USA wouldn’t just sit back and say “OK – we have to leave them be”.

“This is for America. This is for NATO. This is for Bush.”

These were the phrases that the president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvilli, told me were on Russian bombs falling before, during and after the numerous cease-fires that have come and gone since the Georgian-Russian conflict began.

Show the un-photoshopped images, Glenn – or, don’t spout propaganda. The world is worried enough.

Commentary: Russian bombs’ message is ‘this is for America’ –


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0 Responses to Glenn Beck: "This is for America. This is for NATO. This is for Bush."

  1. leapsecond says:

    You (and Glenn) forgot that we did worse — putting our missiles in Poland. That’s angered the Russians a lot.

  2. Will Rhodes says:

    See the latest post, Brett. šŸ™‚

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