I'm a minority

So I have to be consulted on – well – everything!

Yes, me, Will Rhodes is a minority – I am an Englishman in Canada. That is quite a small part of the Canadian population. In Canada they don’t give a frig that I am a minority because I adapt to the Canadian way of life – which is pretty cool I may add.

Now, what I am waffling on about is how a set of people can take a film and make it into a big political fallout zone.

I call Republicans morons, retards and just about any other name I can think of because, to me, they ARE mentally deficient. My opinion no? They can, and DO call me the same – am I offended? Erm…nope!

So what is the problem with the people who protest about the use of a word in a film and that word being retard?

Personally I can’t see what the problem is – it is, after all, a film. Yes there are certain words that shouldn’t be used? IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE CONTEXT!

That is how I feel. It’s the context that a word is used.

The N-word – and we all know what that word means should be used in certain films. You cannot depict Southern America race hate film without using the word – that is the point. In everyday life – the REAL world, not that celluloid world we are watching – where a story is being told – whether factual or fictional is different – and we know that. So why are these protesters so upset that a film, which is a comedy, uses retard all of 15 times?

It has nothing at all to do with people with mental problems. IF people HAVE mental or intellectual problems the vast majority of us DON’T call them retards!

Grow the feck up! Political Correctness is killing society!

A rebuttal.


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0 Responses to I'm a minority

  1. leapsecond says:

    I’m the ultimate minority, Will… Half Indian, 1/4 Finnish, 1/4 Swedish. And I ADAPT TO AMERICAN WAYS OF LIFE!

    But, yes, words all depend on the context, otherwise, there is no meaning. Has everyone forgotten the real meaning of “retard”? It’s to slow down…

    Congress has retarded many bills because of bipartisan bickering. Should the thought police come take me away?

  2. Will Rhodes says:

    I can’t compete with that, Leap! LOL

  3. thebeadden says:


  4. lunawolf says:

    I absolutely agree that political correctness can get way out of hand. And I haven’t seen any clips, so I don’t really know what is said in the movie, but if it is as bad as some people are saying, I can just imagine some of the guys where I work-even the lower functioning ones-seeing that and knowing that the joke is about people like them, because they do know they are different. Nearly every single one of them, I would argue.

    Now, the movie people are saying that they are making fun of the way actors can be so thick headed, but is the line really that clear or are they just getting a Carlos Mencia type cheap laugh out of it? Granted, I haven’t seen the movie, but I honestly wouldn’t take the risk of taking my guys out to see it. They would know. There’s a lot more to them than the world portrays or understands.

  5. steve says:

    Tons of free publicity for that movie! Stiller must be thrilled!

  6. Will Rhodes says:

    Luna – I know this is near, or is your field, so I would and will respect what you have to say.

    All I can do is point in the direction that I have seen a couple of clips and trailers, and it is – in all intents and favours, a Ben Stiller film. Even Robert Downey plays a white Australian guy playing a Black American who takes offence at Stiller saying “…you people!”

    A silly, silly film that is getting far more publicity from this than the advertising hoardings, as Steve pointed out.

    If it had been in a different context etc I would have slammed it – but it isn’t – I am sure if you went to see it you would see what I am on about but, as always, I could well be wrong.


  7. lunawolf says:

    Yeah. That’s why I made the disclaimer that I haven’t seen any of the clips that show the controversial scene in question. I’ll probably look up the clip eventually, but I just had to state my bias.

    I did see the trailer with the scene you talk about (“What do you mean, ‘you people.'” “What do you mean ‘you people.'”) and it was pretty funny.

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