Want the price of oil to drop?

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Now I am not talking the American oil crisis lightly – there are so many people in the US that I would love to help, but cannot – it is just impossible. But one way that those people can get help is, even though I hate to say this, is that they need cheaper gas to get to work etc, heat homes come this winter etc.

The US NEEDS to become energy independent – even though the price of oil is going to shoot down over the next few weeks. If that oil price is passed on to gas customers alls good, for the very short term! Alternatives are just as applicable now as when oil was 140+ a barrel. Will we learn now what we should have back in the 70s? Let’s hope, eh?

But how is the price of oil going to drop so dramatically even though the environmental areas are not raped by the oil companies?

Pound suffers as dollar rebounds

Investors had bought oil and gold to protect against dollar weakness but they are now unwinding those positions.

The euro has been further undermined by military conflict in Georgia that could disrupt European markets.

Ron Paul said “Get back to the gold standard” even I agree with that. The Republican’s will decimate the US economy in the idea that ‘The Free Market” works – it does, for businesses not the population – and it is a citizen that means more than business – unless you are a Republican in office!


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0 Responses to Want the price of oil to drop?

  1. investmenttrends says:

    The cost of oil, soy copper and just about every other commodity would be much high today if it were not for the free market. The free market allows price to be discovered, liquidity, and risk to be transferred and profit to be gained and secured.

    America is the strongest nation in the world because we allow the individual the freedom to prosper with minimal government intervention. But the government just keeps getting bigger and more intrusive. Obama talks about taking profits away from big oil companies and giving it back to our citizens. He also talks about increasing, possibly doubling, the capital gains tax. These two absurd ideas are completely socialistic and fly in the face of what makes (made) America the strongest and best nation in the world.

  2. Matt says:

    Not only does he talk of increasing the capital gains tax, he talks of increasing it with the full knowledge that it lowers revenue. When this was pointed out to him, he claimed that “fair” taxes was more important than increased revenue…

  3. Will Rhodes says:

    America is the strongest nation in the world because we allow the individual the freedom to prosper with minimal government intervention.

    And that is about the biggest sentence of bullshit I have read for a long time.

    Regan – remember him – the biggest proponent of free market economics as president INCREASED government – Bush I & II INCREASED government – who was the president in between that took government out of so much?

    The free market is for business – not for the ordinary citizen. it is YOUR free market that is allowing the Chinese to, not only catch up, but overtake the US economy – and who was at the tiller when all this happened? Bush II.

    Geeze obvious economic policy is lost on some.

  4. leapsecond says:

    The Chinese are willing to work for less, so they are naturally selected as cheap labor since companies want to maximize profits. Same with any outsourcing.

    I’ve said it before: if we want to get jobs back, we need to be significantly more skilled than foreign workers to justify our higher asking price for our labor. That all starts with the education system… Which has been crushed by Bush II thanks to Every Child Left to Endure 10 days of Federal Testing A Year.

  5. Matt says:

    Actually, doing business in China is starting to prove more costly than in other areas (Taiwan, Indonesia, etc.) and our outsourcing in shifting because of it…

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