Stay tuned for what?

For another Obama bashing by CNN?

Will Hillary Clinton be on the nomination sheet at the DMC? Yup! Will she win the nomination? Nope!

I’m not surprised that GOP supporters, is CNN becoming one(?), are getting their pants in a twist. The race to say who will do what and when is getting a bit daft!

Nothing said about Mitt Romney or Mike (The Preacher) Huckabee is there? Even Ron Paul for Christ’s sake!

No – the disunity that the hard core Hillary supporters bring to the convention will be much better news than a America that changes tack and come back from the dark-side.

Obama is working hard with his team to rid her of debt – and are still lambasted by many – what is it with the US? Mark Penn gives McCain the thumbs up – Clinton supporters will protest her giving up the race – and the GOP stands by and laughs! Dear Lord Almighty!

At past conventions, delegates have even been known to vote for fictional characters (Archie Bunker) and dead people (George Orwell).

It’s likely that Clinton will pick up some votes unless Sen. Barack Obama is nominated by acclamation.

Well – it does bring some entertainment to the masses I suppose.

The best chance for the US in a decade – and some, because of hissy-fits, are wanting Obama to fall? Beyond me.


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0 Responses to Stay tuned for what?

  1. Julie P says:

    Since he’s top dog that makes him a target to be torn down, since he’s on vacation that makes him an even bigger target than he has been. He’s not around to defend himself.

  2. draabe says:

    I share your sentiment and expect HC is hoping for some kind of miracle at the DNC that will work to her benefit.

    I used to like her – a lot – but don’t understand why she has been trying to undermine the good intentions of Sen. Obama — and all the people who made him the presumed nominee.

  3. leapsecond says:

    I don’t know how anyone ever liked Hillary Clinton. She’s, quite frankly, the most disingenuous politician ever, and that’s saying something considering the nature of most politicians.

    She became dead to me as soon as she invoked Bobby Kennedy’s assassination. I’ll let my friend Keith Olbermann tell you why that is.

  4. PiedType says:

    And all that will only be the action inside the convention hall. Wait till you see all the chaos that’s been planned for outside. I live in the Denver area, and I’m not going anywhere near downtown during the convention.

  5. acarponzo says:

    Is there a Hillary BOP Bounce. At 7:50 pm last night McCain webBOPPERS, or maybe Hillary webBOPPERS, surged Obama’s BOP total on the past McCain’s for the first time since Saturday. Maybe this is where the convention is heading. A real floor fight?

  6. therealmarie says:

    This woman and her Rush L./PUMA supporters need mental health treatment. What a sick/selfish bunch.

  7. Spanky says:

    Hillary has done personally what none of her detractors or the entire GOP has been able to accomplish. She has turned me completely against her by her own words and actions. I was once always ready to give her the benefit of the doubt, but she has since proved that she in entirely unfit for office. I will NEVER vote for her for anything. PUMAS are IDIOTS!!

  8. lunawolf says:

    😦 CNN used to be so left wing. What happened?

  9. leapsecond says:

    They got stupid, that’s what. I have no respect for anyone on that network except for Anderson Cooper.

  10. lunawolf says:

    Yeah, but he can be a prick, too. 😦

  11. leapsecond says:

    …but on a less frequent basis than everyone else on that network.

  12. lunawolf says:

    You do have a point there.

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