CNN: let's open up old wounds

The summer months must be quiet – even if there are wars going on.

I watched John Stewart last night – good show as always. But dear John came out with ‘We should be doing a show on which fruit has Christ’s name written in it’ – or something like that, I didn’t write it down.

John also does a piece, a sketch, a real look at politics – ‘Best F*&king News Coverage – EVER!’ or something like that – ’tis funny though.

The really big guy who is also dumb, not in real life but in the sketches, smashes CNN’s mail box with a baseball bat – or a TV with CNN on it. ‘Tis funny, too. So, what am I getting at?

Well, CNN claim that they have the best Political team on TV – or is it cable? Dunno – but it is one of them.

Now Jack Cafferty is good, and I mean really good – Jack isn’t a prima-donna, he says it as he sees it – and you have to have respect for that.

This story took my interest…

A policy memo by Sen. Hillary Clinton’s one-time chief strategist challenging Sen. Barack Obama’s “American roots” could make it difficult to close any remaining gaps between the former rivals, the magazine writer who revealed the memo said Tuesday.

In a March 2007 memo, Mark Penn, Clinton’s former chief strategist, wrote, “all of these articles about his boyhood in Indonesia and his life in Hawaii are geared toward showing his background is diverse, multicultural and putting that in a new light. Save it for 2050,” according to Atlantic magazine writer Joshua Green.

But she didn’t use it.

Green noted that Clinton did not pursue the strategy Penn suggested during the contentious Democratic primary battle, which resulted in Obama winning more delegate than the former first lady and locking up their party’s presidential nomination.

Proof she didn’t use the strategy.

“What’s going on right now is that a lot of Obama supporters and fundraisers are trying very hard to retire Sen. Clinton’s debt.”

As he said he would – NOTE: Hillary supporters.

So, after reading the story: “Memo could keep Clinton-Obama rift open”

The answer should be a simple; No! She could have used that strategy but didn’t – that doesn’t mean rift – it means that one of her campaign wanted to go 100% negative and she didn’t – negative yes, but not to the degree Penn wanted to. That doesn’t cause rift – that should be a springboard to unity.


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0 Responses to CNN: let's open up old wounds

  1. leapsecond says:

    Agreed on all counts. Last night’s show was pretty hilarious.

  2. Vee says:

    Well , Hillary was the best candidate of three, left. And she would help the united states the most and get our troops home, out of that illegal war Bush and Chaney started for their own purposes.
    A lot of people don’t trust Obama, and believe he’s a Muslim. Some even believe
    that he’s one of the anti-christ, that the bible tells about that and he’s come to destroy america.

    We sure don’t trust him either, and will not vote for him.

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