This blew my mind!

McCain and his 38 minute press call

I know just about everything, including flower arranging, is more entertaining than John McCain – but to give the press just 38 minutes of your time isn’t exactly presidential now is it?

But this wasn’t just 38 minutes per interview, it was, as described here – 38 minutes all week!

I know that McCain can’t keep on message – that is probably the prime reason he is kept away from the mainstream press right now – and the Olympics are on so his message, whatever it is, will not be heard. He is scripted as always – and that does not bode well for the presumtive GOP candidate.

He is coming up against Obama in the debates soon – something that will be worth watching for McCain’s comedy act alone. But you have to take into account that Obama has already plenty of material to rip McCain apart.

We do know that each and ever answer of McCain’s in the debate will be about the surge and how that worked and he will try to bring the moderator back to Iraq. That won’t go down well with the viewers.

38 minutes? I think the McCain camp really wants to keep him away from the press – do we do robots yet?

Don’t answer that – McCain could well be one.


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0 Responses to This blew my mind!

  1. Julie P says:

    Given Bush’s stilted speeches this may be a bad omen.

  2. Matt says:

    Have you heard Obama without a script (yes, memorizing a speech is still a script)? While over in Iraq (I think…regardless, it was on that trip), he had a press conference as well: 40 minutes. Pretty good, right? Nope – 8 minutes of it was “uh”, “well”, “umm”, “er”, etc. Come on, 8 minutes of stumbling?! I do agree that McCain is no good without a script. The only difference is in how they deliver a rehearsed speech, and Obama is simply astounding at it. But I just think that they’re both going to look like fools when asked a question they’re unprepared for…

    Bring on the comedy!

  3. dz says:

    Matt – yeah I heard Hannity playing clips of it on the radio. He’s not quick on his feet. It makes me really eager for the debates, I can’t wait. Although I expect during the debates, if he doesn’t know how to respond he’ll do what all politicians do and that’s give a prepared response to a different question, even if its unrelated to make himself look good. I hate when they won’t directly answer a good solid question. Politicians…..meh.

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