State of war

Georgia declares war

Since the invasion yesterday by Russia into the state of South Ossetia the ratchet has now been increased so much so that Georgia has now declared that a state of war now exists between the two countries.

The death toll is estimated to be between 100 and 1600 depending on the sources.

Inna Gagloyeva, the spokeswoman for the South Ossetian Information and Press Committee, told the Interfax news agency the capital was being “massively shelled” with artillery guns.

It was also unclear which side was in control of Tskhinvali on Saturday, with the Georgian side saying fighting still raged but the Russians saying they have “liberated” the city.

“Battalion task forces have fully liberated Tskhinvali of Georgian armed forces and started pushing Georgian units out of the area of responsibility of the peacekeeping forces,” said General Vladimir Boldyrev, commander of the Russian Ground Forces, in an interview with Interfax.

So far it is known that two Russian aircraft have been shot down.

All information is very sketchy at this point.

The Russian action was said to have started when Russian separatists in South Ossetia bombarded Georgian troops with the casualty figure unknown. Georgia retaliated on Friday which then led to the Russian invasion on the pretext that they were peace-keepers.

Medvedev said Saturday that Georgia must be held responsible for the situation in South Ossetia.

“The people responsible for this humanitarian disaster need to be held liable for what they have done,” Medvedev said. He said the humanitarian problems were caused by “the aggression launched by the Georgian side against the South Ossetian civilians and Russian peacekeepers.”

Russian officials said more than 30,000 refugees have left South Ossetia and crossed into Russia over the past two days, since fighting began, Interfax reported.

From the BBC:

“Tactical groups have fully liberated Tskhinvali from the Georgian military and have started pushing Georgian units beyond the zone of peacekeepers’ responsibility,” he [Gen Vladimir Boldyrev] said, after paratroopers were airlifted into the city.

But the secretary of the Georgian National Security Council, Khakha Lomaia, insisted that the city remained “under the complete control of our troops”.

Tskhinvali, where inhabitants are said to be sheltering in basements without electricity or phone lines, is reported to be devastated. The International Red Cross (ICRC) said it had received reports that hospitals in the city were “overflowing” with casualties.


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0 Responses to State of war

  1. leapsecond says:

    Just what we need: Russia going loose cannon on the world.

  2. loomisnews says:

    If McCain were prez, he’d be taking troops out of Afghanistan to get involved in this mess. If he hasn’t sent them all to invade Iran.

  3. lunawolf says:

    This was big news to me, but when it broke, all the top stories on Google news were about the Edwards affair. I was quite surprised by that.

  4. dz says:

    Luna- not sure if you know, but Google arranges its stories by popularity, so more people must have been clicking on the Edwards affair. I wasn’t surprised when this happened. The US had troops over in Georgia two days before this started. They were helping train Georgian soldiers so that they could regain Sout Ossetia. No question Russia wants Georgia to crumble so the Ossetian Nationalists can set up a new government under Russia there. Russias retaliation didn’t strike just South Ossetia, but went as far as the Georgian capitol. And now they’ve started a naval blockade. All because Georgia tried gaining control of her own country. I think this has been a long time coming. Russia wants Ossetia united and back under Russia, and probably wants Tblisi and all of Georgia back too. This sounds too much like a Clancy novel…

  5. dz says:,8599,1831523,00.html

    Just shows how much Russians hate Georgians…and even their dissent towards Americans. (It’s about Russian citizens volunteering to go to Georgia immediately to join the fighting)

  6. Will Rhodes says:

    dz –

    There is much more to this attack than is coming out on the press lines.

    Since the fall of the USSR many have been worried about how Russia would react once it was back on its feet.

  7. lunawolf says:

    I know that, dz. I suppose I shouldn’t have been so surprised that the US would click on a steamy ex-candidates love affair than on a major crisis across the pond.

  8. thebeadden says:

    You are supposed to be watching the Olympics.

    Actually Will, this scares me. I have been so busy these past few weeks but I have to look into it. What do you think? Where is this headed?

    I know there have been military bases set up by the U.S near the border for over a year now right? They were kind of expecting it to happen. I was on top of this last year and now I find myself out of the loop.

  9. Will Rhodes says:

    I thought it was headed the way it has, supposedly, ended, Bead.

    Russia is out of the doldrums, she has money and she has new found pride. So, she will flex her muscle and the easy targets are the former states of the USSR.

    They, more than us, are scared of Russia and Russian power. Those states do not want to go back to the bad old days.

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