McCain and his childish insults

I wonder how he will feel about this image.

All Hail the.....

All Hail the.....

As he plays around with stupidity – I thought I would have a go myself – not that funny I know, much like most of his “jokes”.

Is he getting too much TV time because of his childishness?

There is an “important role for humor in all campaigns,” said senior McCain adviser Nicolle Wallace. “I think all of us would slit our wrists if it wasn’t for that.”

Why now?

“It’s August, and in August it’s harder to get attention from the electorate — and the issues, while they’re important, often take a back seat to people’s personal schedules,” said campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds. The McCain team “made a cognizant decision” to spice up their approach, said Bounds.

Spice it up by being imbeciles? Seems so.

But is McCain the man you want as president – can you imagine him in a bunker and asking what the red button was for – pressing it and saying “Oops!” Again, not really funny – but if you want to parody then do it with some sophistication, but I am asking John McCain and his camp to do that – asking too much methinks.


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0 Responses to McCain and his childish insults

  1. americalives says:

    In honor of the coming Democratic Convention i have posted a list of 18 Reasons Obama will win the 08 Election @

    Which reason do you think will ultimately decide the Election in Obama’s favor ? Come and discuss the issue!!!

  2. Matt says:

    Oh come now, you’re just taking pot shots (I can do the same with Obama):

    But is Obama the man you want as president – can you imagine him in a bunker and going to play a round of hoops for a workout instead of making a decision?

    Point is, we’ve heard all the standard commercials already: Obama will claim McCain is another Bush, McCain will claim Obama has no experience. And they’ll go back and forth wasting money and making voters disinterested. The McCain campaign has successfully added in some humor (one of the best ways to reinforce a message by the way) to their commercials.

    So while Obama sticks to the “old Washington” way of doing a campaign, McCain is the “change” we’ve been looking for 😉

  3. Will Rhodes says:

    Both you and I know that is a crock, Matt.

    While I enjoy reading your responses even you – as controversial as you want to be – know that McCain stands for Old Washington.

    The man is almost as much an idiot as Bush.

  4. Matt says:

    Hence the wink.

    My point isn’t that McCain’s policies are better than Obama’s or vice versa: I just find it refreshing to get a new style in there. Just as I appreciate Obama’s eloquence in delivering a speech (compared to most windbags in Washington), I appreciate the humor in McCain’s commercials (compared to most commercials out of Washington).

  5. Politi-cat says:

    I get a lot more laughs out of trying to decipher McCain’s drunken mumbles and pimping out botox Cindy to the mostly naked, banana-stroking, pickle-licking Miss Buffalo Chip “beauty” contest in front of 50,000 bikers, frankly.

    Even Paris was funnier than McCain. Humor through lies says a lot about the candidate that puts out the ad(s). And the McCain camp KNOWS their statements are lies.

    The article that Will quotes also says:

    “Those who live by the snark can perish by the punch line.”

    One can only hope that this tidbit of wisdom proves true. I like to try to have faith in the American public — it isn’t because I think they are wise or smarter than the average 5th grader. Nope, I just think they are less willing to be the butt of the Republican joke this time around.

    Of course, that only applies to those Americans who realize that it is/was a joke on them…

    Let’s wait until we see these two side-by-side… when McCain doesn’t have his assigned nursemaid beside him to feed him corrections and to remind him of where he is, what he said last time, and how he voted…. when he bothered to go to a vote (he hasn’t shown up for his day job since April).

    Anyway, as long as you are drawing comparisons to Hitler, thought I’d point you towards a graphic I find to be a fair comparison:

    Go ahead, steal it, use it… fair game. Keep up the good work!

  6. lunawolf says:

    Lol. I love that picture. May I borrow it? I want it to give it to a misguided Republican friend of mine.

  7. david mitchell says:

    10-16-08 noticed childish add compaign and was looking fora forum to vent this is it.

    this is the real world we live in, duh

    please correct me if i am wrong but the responsibility of the president while in a state of war outranks party lines. iether man president will under go extensive very extensive training asto there responsibilities as commander in cheif.

    as for humor try this on for compaiagn issues

    democrats created NAFTA as aresult whole countries stockmarkets callasped and the money changed hands more favorable to amirican investors to buy under valued stocks CLINTON DEMOCRAT 8 YEARS

    REPUBLICANS eight years of power

    price fixing gas to there own government
    infalting the dollar to the point that segments of stock market are begining to fail
    then getting republican croanies and sorry to say gullible politicians in general to pay for bailout , to line the clouds before they baled

    demacrat balanced the budget for the first time i what 50 years

    republican greed has blinded the congress of its good senses

    ok lets let mcain joke joke campaign run ads like we are going to cut taxes for the american iddle class and democrats aren’t but will raise taxes

    well not in the last 8 yars republicans rule 8 years let them continue in there greedy ways and thy will run the party into extinction

    but education , health, our people is that more inportant than money

    money gone beyoun beyound controll already

    democrats care about life and people

    we will when

    you have to prepare to win
    people will survive

    oboma a democratic vote for vote for the people

    if i heare another republican talk about money !!!!!!

    this is the real world we live in, duh

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