Tense discussion

Well – the Republican does want to get into office.

So it crops up, again – that the Iraqi government are saying that the US troops are going to leave, through agreement with the American government, by – 2010. Right in the time frame set out by Barack Obama.

But – what is this, you say? Can it be that Bush and Rice knew about this or that the Iraqi government have taken the lead from Obama and is pressuring the US to leave. Where does that victory of McCain come from if the government of Iraq say “Leave”.

Iraq and the United States are close to reaching a deal under which U.S. combat troops would leave by December 2010 and the rest would leave by the end of 2011, two Iraqi officials said Thursday.

Yet – as always *Cough – McCain is a moron -cough* the GOP are standing by both the victory rubbish is still on and that the US will stay in Iraq for 100 years. Interesting, no?

Victory means you have to beat the enemy – and, as there isn’t an enemy – how can you win? Dunno, ask John McCain.

What is bothering Coni Rice? Immunity for the US contractors – not those men who are helping to rebuild Iraq, no, no, no – but the contractors that murder Iraqis:

The U.S. officials said U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke with al-Maliki on Wednesday to try to resolve the issue of legal immunity for U.S. contractors working in Iraq.

The officials described the phone call as tense.

Under a provision put into place in the early days of the U.S.-led occupation of Iraq, security contractors have had immunity from Iraqi law.

The Iraqi government has criticized the blanket immunity because of incidents such as the fatal shootings of 17 people in Baghdad’s Nusoor Square on September 16. Iraqi officials say Blackwater Worldwide contractors killed the 17.

I can see why it is a tense discussion – but, they could, like all US troops – for that is what Blackwater is, leave Iraq – why would they want to stay?

Obama should, and I hope he will, bring this to the fore and show that McCain really doesn’t understand National Security – and that diplomacy really does work – without the death of one American serviceman or woman.


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  1. leapsecond says:

    In the case of Iraq, as everybody knows, it’s too little, too late when it comes to diplomacy. The McCain way? We stay in there a hundred years, compromising our ability to defend our homeland unless we (gasp) employ more contractors (read:nice way of saying “mercenaries”) to do our armed forces’ job for them. The “cut and run” method? Leave Iraq, and we leave the region in calamity, and the three groups will duke it out once again, until… Shia-dominated Iran shows up, and takes over (at least!) the Shia third of what was Iraq. But everyone (hopefully) already knew that.

    Right now, though, we could be making peace talks with Korea, Iran, and the Palestinians, and hopefully, if McCain does make it into office, he has a deathbed conversion from his previous (current) shoot first, ask questions later mentality to a more diplomatic stance.

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