Protest but make sure you vote

The Clinton anomaly

Hillary Clinton is setting her sights on an Obama win come the November election. Will she be the VP – I’m not sure – but with the McCain and GOP attack machine in full swing I think that she should be. She could bring a lot, and I mean a lot with her to his campaign – and it would put the fear of God into the whole Republican party.

She has said that she will not do anything at the Democratic Convention to upstage Obama and that is gracious of her – not only that she is beginning to come out more and is backing him. But what do her supporters really feel?

They must now know that if they do all the things they said they were going to do they would not only open the door to 4 more years of Bush – but it would mean that the whole of the American Congress will be defunct. It looks as though the Congress will get the 60 it needs – that will mean that McCain won’t be able to stop many of the legislation coming out of Congress but will be a political nightmare for the US.

She has said to her supporters bitch as much as you want but support and vote for Obama. She is right, of course. But, as I have said, if she is on the ticket those supporters will feel a little admonished and it would still be the best ticket for me.

Obama/Clinton 08 – it does have a ring to it.


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0 Responses to Protest but make sure you vote

  1. Matt says:


    We’re more afraid of Barack than we are of Hillary because he’ll get more done (whether for good or ill depends on one’s point of view).

  2. thebeadden says:

    After all the negative things you have written about her, you think she would be good for VP? That means if anything happened to Obama she would step in.
    Are you serious or joking?
    Talk about a nightmare in the making.

  3. Will Rhodes says:

    Bead – you know me 😉

  4. Daniel says:

    The problem I have with Hillary holdouts, is that these are the same type of voters (biased by their generation) who have gained much under Bill, but most likely fell short under Bush. They think that things will be like they were under Bill again, and are holding on to a dream, when this is a fallacy, and unrealistic. Times change, cultures change – recognize now that America’s diverse youth outnumbers you. It is NOT about you, it is about the future.

  5. George says:

    Hey daniel, age is just a number! What are you prejudiced against people based on age and gender?? Ah, America’s youth! The same people who made Jackass a great hit movie and who sit at home playing Grand Theft auto! The problem is Daniel, today’s youth does not resemble the youth of the 1960’s at all. Today’s youth are pampered, narcissistic and vapid. They like Obama because he allows them the delusion that they are involved in something important. They haven’t taken the time to realize that they have just succumbed to an excellent marketing job by David Axelrod. They don’t know who Rezko or Auchi are, and they don’t care, cause gosh darn it, Barak just looks so presidential and wouldn’t it be cool to have a black president?

  6. thebeadden says:

    Yes, just like that reall smart generation that voted for Bush. The president who can’t even pronounce words and has trouble making complete sentences. 🙂

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