Iraqi oil money

Some demand they use it for themselves

A projected surplus in Iraq seems to be a good thing for their budget. It would mean that they can now start to add to the country’s infrastructure with building programs and getting the country ready for when Obama takes the troops out – but that has me thinking.

Why should they?

Would that surplus, if it turns out to be real cash money, not be better held back for a later date and invested in programs that will help schools, medical hospitals, retirement funds?

The US has devastated Iraq. They were the ones who went in to bomb the living Christ out of the country – for no reason whatsoever, and now that this has happened – people are asking that Iraq use projected funds to rebuild what the US destroyed.

Shouldn’t the US treasury pay for every brick and bridge they have demolished?

After all – Iraq was a sovereign nation and didn’t have any WMDs, didn’t threaten the US – in fact, they did nothing other than 1. Have a lot of oil, 2. Buy loads of weapons etc off of the US.

The autopsy of this war is about to begin – many things are coming to the for now that the incumbent president is losing his grip. One of those things is that the US had no right in anyway to invade. As that is the case – should the invading nation pay reparations for that invasion?


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0 Responses to Iraqi oil money

  1. Will Rhodes says:

    Send me a free Nokia!

  2. laurence says:

    as i’ve said before. that money belongs to them. they owe us nothing! we invited ourselves into their (sovereign) nation, rumors aside even though we knew they held no real threat to us. there was no agreement for them to pay or re-pay us for demolishing their country. that too was a puff of smoke blown up the collective real end of americans. the prospects of oil revenue is a lame claim to argue whether you’re dem. or rep. in any event. suppose oil hadn’t surged by illegal market buying, selling and trading? what then? prostitute their women? this country broke iraq. this country needs to fix it-up! if the u.s. doesn’t like it, get out! now! serves us right for the bonehead move of invading iraq to start with. guess we’ll no better next time, huh?!!

  3. Matt says:

    And yet, in general, Democrats frown at sending private contractors over to Iraq. How does that relate, you may ask? Well, if the US is going to foot the bill to fix Iraq, which makes more sense: paying Iraqis or paying Americans? I’m not against paying for reconstruction, I agree we blew them apart, we should help put it back together. But I think that if it’s our money that’s getting spent to fix it, we may as well cycle that particular money back to America, while Iraq can use its surplus on the things they need it for. Is that so wrong?

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