McCain: Cheney isn't coming, I don't want him there

Political motivation behind Cheney not being welcome.

I don’t know who should be believed in the McCain camp – one says one thing and the other says another. But what is common in both statements is that Cheney isn’t welcome – I wonder if they will do the same for GW – telling him that he is a liability to the campaign so stay away.

The latter isn’t probable but is possible.

One GOP official told CNN there’s a “mutual understanding” between Cheney’s office and the McCain camp that he is “unlikely” to attend the convention.

And this:

A second Republican official said there are still “talks going on” between Cheney’s office and the McCain camp and both sides are “still trying to work it out.”

Cheney has a lower opinion poll rating than Bush – that has to be a first?

One thing that is also surprising is that many former Republicans are registering themselves as independents. That can mean, but there is no proof, that many Republicans want to vote for Obama but are doing it cloaked.

This has to be very worrying for the GOP.


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0 Responses to McCain: Cheney isn't coming, I don't want him there

  1. laurence says:

    of course mccain doesn’t wany cheney there. just how many old arse white men can the country take in one place? no change there!

  2. Matt says:

    Laurence, looking through your recent posts, I would like to make a request: you can express your opinion all you want, but can you please try to state it in a respectful manner and give some reasoning or examples when you do so? It will make Will’s board a much better place to put forth argument and counter-argument. (I hope I’m not stepping on any toes Will, but I don’t like when people start with the “old arse white men” remarks…)

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