Psychological or psychotic?

Are Republicans as dense as they try to be?

They have all gone on their holidays and I wish them well – except that some of the American Congress are staying behind to prove how pathetic they are. Much like a rabid dog they have a new leg to bite on. And that is the supposed oil crisis. Which – if you take into account it is the fact that a lot of Americans are paid a pittance – hence the cost of gas is hugely disillusioning or they have the cash to pay – and simply want a cheap gas tank full of, well, gas.

$4 is really noting in comparison to some countries – and those countries compete with the US in economic terms – some beating her hands down. So we have to ask why this bunch of retards are staying behind to voice the concern of the American people. Erm…like how?

They are:

“We’ll continue at least this week,” said Rep. Tom Price, R-Georgia. “Then we’ll see what we know.”

A week? Is that all the American public are worth – a week?

But you have to remember that they, like a minority of Republicans, are supporting the Bush clone and have to keep something in the news so McCain doesn’t have to speak about what he believes in.


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0 Responses to Psychological or psychotic?

  1. Cardinal says:

    The GOP is grasping for straws…have a nice trip on the way down!
    Better hope your buddies in Big Oil are at the bottom to help break the fall….

  2. dz says:

    meh, i hate when people say that $4 a gallon isn’t a big deal because of what europe and what everyone else pays.

    you can’t look at it that way. the US has invested $billions into our oil infrastructure and refineries, vast amounts more than all other countries and that’s what has helped keep our prices low over the years. remember when the refineries got hit by katrina how much it drove up the price of oil? that’s what keeps our cost low, or SHOULD keep it low.

    that’s the problem, not that it’s $4 and other countries pay $8… but that it SHOULD only cost $1.50 – $2 a gallon.

    and shut up about big oil. cardinal get a clue. look at how much “big oil” donates to mccain and then check out how much law firms donate to obama. $18 million from oil to mccain compared to $141 million from lawfirms to obama. give me abreak! and realize how much “big oil” helps our country. in ’06 exxon mobile (you’re “big oil” enemy #1) paid $27.9 billion in taxes. that’s billion with a B. that’s more than what half of the american citizens paid combined (27.4 billion). and we’re worried about tax breaks that will cut 5 billion from all oil companies over a 10 year period? shut up! it’s rediculous! oil companies pay over 50% in taxes. their taxes exceed their after-tax earnings. and they give 18 million to mccain and now he’s all in cahoots with them. they just don’t want a windfall profts tax, so they support mccain, which is what they SHOULD do. i’d tell you to stop being so stupid but it’s what i expect from liberals.

  3. RobertGSO says:

    Are you Repubs / Conservatives/ know it alls as stupid as you come off as when you try to converse with someone who has an IQ above 2? Bush / Cheney and Mc”whatever” together can’ add 2+2 and get the same answer. If you don’t believe that look at the financial/energy/ war mess they ahve created and will now walk away from so a dmeocrat can clean up thier stupid mess!

  4. dz says:


    a) i have bad grammar when i type on here because i don’t care… but you borderline don’t make sense when you type.

    b) what are you debating?

    c) bush graduated from harvard business school with an mba. cheney has a BA and an MA in political science from university of wyoming and mccain (talk about education, you don’t even know his name :-p) went to the naval academy at annapolis.

    d) which democrat is going to clean up our mess? obama? he’ll pull troops out of iraq and that won’t fix anything. he’ll change his mind on drilling for oil again, then again and nothing will get done.

    what are you saying!? you make no points. give me something to talk about!!!

  5. Howard says:

    ENEMIES OF AMERICA would like nothing better than for us to have a bunch of inept politicians, like Obama, Pelosi and Reid, pushing us to squander our strategic oil reserves … so that if they close the straights of Hormuz, we wouldn’t have any emergency oil to use. Are these the kind of leaders you want to protect us, and keep America strong? The liberal’s idea of globalization only works when the countries they are pandering to either meet us half way, or abandon their goals to destroy us. In additionl, we don’t even know if the ‘other things’ that are supposed to bring us alternative energy will be cost effective, or even work. However, I agree that we must move forward with development of alternative energy ASAP … but, in the meantime, this entire country runs on oil. And, I’m not just talking about us consumers at the pump, I’m talking about how everything we use, eat, wear, etc. … how it all gets to market, and eventually to us. We have to drill more, if even as a transition until alternate fuels are developed, But, aside from the cost at the pump for consumers, the bigger issue still is our national security. Drilling oil on our own land insures us energy independence, which will stop us from total dependence on countries who don’t like us … and from countries we’ve been sending tens of billions of dollars to every year. We must drill ASAP. The politicians who tell you different are simply placing petty party politics above the prosperity and security of America. Obama’s policies are just one example of what can happen when a bunch of inexperienced, but exuberant followers blindly follow an inexperienced, incompetent charismatic leader, who thinks he’s the second coming, off the cliff. Hunger is not enough of a justification to eat the goose that lays the golden eggs … or, eventually everyone will starve. If Obama, with his socialistic redistribution of wealth scams wins, America will turn into a third world country, with massive company closures and unemployment, within a few years.
    Elect a man who truly loves America, and will protect her … elect Senator John McCain in November.

  6. Ron says:

    “So we have to ask why this bunch of retards are staying behind to voice the concern of the American people. Erm…like how?”

    Because that is their job and what my tax dollars are paying them to do! The real retard here is Nancy Pelosi who violated the Republicans rights to free speech by closing the session. It is also against the constitution to close a session while it is still proceeding, which it obviously was. The fact that she wanted to go on her 5 week vacation while the rest of us sit here and work our butts off just trying to make enough money to pay for the gas to go back to work.

    The Democrats are turning are country into a socialist economy and laughing the whole time. Things need to change real quick and your little friend Obama isn’t the one who is going to bring the change we need.

  7. lunawolf says:

    Oh hell, that pisses me off so bad. We could spend the same amount of time and money on alternative energy as we would on drilling and end up with a SOLUTION instead of a band-aid.

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