How to spot political impotency

I am, as any of the growing readers of this blog can see – against a few fundamental things. These things I think should be applicable to each nation – that is my opinion on a matter and I am not wanting to start a political party which has a means or an end, for world domination. I type an opinion, that opinion is mine and mine alone and I will stand by it. When people contact me and say that I have the ‘facts wrong’ you may well be correct, again, I am stating my opinion on a matter and not just relaying facts – if that was the case I would just add links to this blog and let it die – that, I do not want to do.

So we have today’s entry into the mire of typified simplicity that is my thoughts on a matter. Not only a matter I feel strongly about – but would put it into a category all on its own, namely “Why did they come out with such nonsense – are they really that stupid?”. Darwin would look at the gene pool and fished them out because that kind of contamination is certainly not acceptable.

Here, on the BBC, you can read what the Archbishop of Canterbury thinks about Sharia law become part of the British establishment.

What you have to understand to grasp where I am coming from is that he is the leader of the Church of England. Most people will have heard about Henry VIII and his six wives – the Church of England stated around that time. Google is your friend if you want to find out more – this is not a history lesson.

Well the good Dr Williams seems to believe that Sharia law will become, as an inevitability, part of British law making – it is quite apparent by the politician response that Parliament doesn’t quite agree with him, at all! Finally a cross party agreement on something!

Some may think that I am attacking Muslims in the UK, after all the Jewish community have their own courts do they not? The answer to that is yes and no, literally. What they do have is the Beth Din. You can read about this ‘civil’ court here. What you will see is that the Beth Din knows its place under English Law – even with divorce there must be a civil divorce after the religious one – the law of the land – and as it should be!

You will also see that even though the Beth Din is acceptable in the Jewish community it is certainly not forced or in any way wanting to be accepted throughout England or indeed Britain. It is used in areas only where those who are in conflict use it as arbitration. This cannot be said for Sharia law, or for those who advocate it within Britain.

Many of the UK Muslim community do not want anything to do with Sharia law – basically because it is not Islamic law – please feel free to do your own research on the matter.

We must, therefore, ask why Dr Williams is saying such things? Could it be that he is seeing that the CofE is diminishing at an alarming rate in the UK? Probably. That is because it is. Most of the British population will still say that they are of Christian persuasion – and I believe that they are – just not the dogmatic Christianity that Dr Williams and others espouse.

My belief is that Dr Williams is seeing, not only the demise of the Church of England but also any political power it once held – dead in the water. He wants to say these things not to bring those sections of society together as they need to be – but to divide. The British people will not accept Sharia law – and there is a raging debate, if you can call it that, on the BBC website’s Have Your Say.

So if you want to spot political impotency read those articles – they will open your eyes to many a thing, and the pointers as to how to make people really think you are both politically impotent and down right daft!

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0 Responses to How to spot political impotency

  1. jonolan says:

    He a dhimmi fool and a blasphemous heretic. Have they repealed the heresy and blasphemy laws yet in the UK? Should not the Queen – The Protector of the Faith – call for his removal, incarceration or execution? I mean the law IS the law?

  2. Will Rhodes says:

    The blasphemy laws have been repealed in the UK. The Queen can only rubber stamp what Parliament say – and they should get rid of him, I agree.

  3. jonolan says:

    Damn! On the other hand the bastard doesn’t deserve the dignity of following in Becket’s footsteps.

  4. Will Rhodes says:

    I couldn’t agree more!

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